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Sliders - Off the Shelf

Slider Revolution

Off the Shelf supports the most popular WordPress slider

With over 1,000,000 installs the revolution slider is the most popular slider for WordPress and is very easy to integrate with Off the Shelf.

After you have purchased and installed the plugin you can easily integrate the revolution slider into any of your pages. Create responsive banners, slideshows and carousels in no time.


Meta Slider

Off the Shelf supports the popular Meta Slider

The meta slider is one of the most popular slider plugins for WordPress, with over 500,000+ active installs. It allows you to create SEO optimised responsive slideshows including such sliders as the Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Sliders.

Including the Meta Slider into your projects is easy to do, just install the plugin and integrate the slider of your choice into a banner or via the integrated page builder!

Flex Slider


Nivo Slider


Coin Slider


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